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September 27, 2014

So it's been a few years since I did anything with this website.  And I'm not making promises that I'll be updating it.  But I recently got the bill for the renewal on the domain name and thought, "dang, that's a lot of money to spend on something you're not using." 

So I decided to at least think about updating it.  And that lead to downloading a new HTML editor.  I'd used Frontpage for years, but it's long gone.  And I wasn't really in the mood to hard code HTML.  A bit of digging on the net lead me to Microsoft Expression Web 4.  It's free and appears to be easy to use...  so far. 

Now I just have to remember out to upload the files through Go Daddy - which in all honesty has been the biggest barrier to my web presence. 


December 27, 2007

Yeah, it's been a damn long time.  But things have changed.  I just didn't bother to update this "What's New" file . It was too much work.  And even this is a pain because my main house computer is giving me fits (which I can't be bothered to jack with).

But if you look directly about the "News" link, you'll see the new link for "Ramblings".  Yeah, I started a blog.  Who knows, it may even replace "What's New."

October 15, 2006

I just had to spank a couple of losers who were hot linking to images on this website.  After all...  Why the hell should I host their content.  That's what myspace is for.  If you're gonna steal pics from me, at least have the decency to host them on your own website. 


I also nuked the Voy Forum link since I now have the ability to run message forums locally.  That doesn't mean I'm going to.

March 14, 2006

Just uploaded a bunch of new windsurfing pics from Fire Ant.  Check them out here.

March 5, 2006

Not much.  Fixed some typos.  But I also reloaded the Windsurfing Links page.

Still recovering from surgery.  It's been 15 days.  The numbness in my upper jaw is starting to go away.  And it makes for a sort of unpleasant tingling sensation.  Have actually starting eating soft foods - eggs, grits, chili.  I've got another doctor's appt on Thursday.  I don't expect much to change.  And yes...  I still wish I hadn't put myself through this. 

February 27, 2006

OK...  So I'm now in recovery.  I had my surgery on the 18th.  The docs tell me it went very well - I don't remember a thing.  I gotta say that 9 days after surgery I'm regretting doing it.  I was pretty miserable for about 5 days, including the frequent inability to breath.  And I am still taking pain meds at 9 days.  Orthognathic surgery was supposed to be the cure for my bite problems.  I wonder if the cure isn't worse than the disease. 

I've rearranged a bit of the site, moving some links from the front page into some of the sub-pages (mostly links to trip reports).  I've uploaded a few more pictures to the Africa site.  I've clarified the "I need a job" page.  I cleared out the virtual garage sale.  And I've updated the Halls of Fame and Shame. 

February 17, 2006

So I'm not in recovery.  And while technically it's not the fault of BCBS this time, I still blame them.  Still looking for a lawyer who has their number.

Surgery is tomorrow.  I'll believe it when they have me counting backwards from 10.

I uploaded a few more pictures to the Africa site tonite.  And I've got some really old pictures (before my time) of North Texas windsurfing that I need to scan and upload.

But mostly I'm working on the website to distract myself from the fact that they're going to crack my jaw into a bunch of pieces tomorrow morning.  Maybe when I'm all done, I'll do a website on the "joys" of orthognathic surgery.  Sounds fun, doesn't it?....   Yeah, I don't think so either.

February 10, 2006

The tear continues, but more so behind the scenes.  I've been sorting through and resizing a bunch of the Africa trip pictures.  I've added quite a few images to page 3 of the trip report, but haven't really gotten around to the captions.  I uploaded a bunch of those pictures tonite.  Because these pages are getting so big, I'll probably have to break the trip down further. 

In theory, I'll be in my hospital room recovering from surgery 6 days from right now.  But as has been the new standard in lousy customer service, the butt monkeys at BlueCross/BlueShield of Texas are doing their incompetent best to muck it up a second time (surgery originally scheduled for Jan 31st had to be postponed because of a BCBS paperwork SNAFU).  And their incompetence is exceeded only by their ability to screw the patients.  I feel a website coming on.  Anyone know a lawyer good at suing health insurance companies? 

February 6, 2006

I'm not sure why but I seem to be on some kind of website tear.  I've been resizing and uploading pictures like mad.  And I've added something to the website almost every day since 1/30/06.  I finally uploaded what I had done so far on the Africa and Hawaii trips (check under the Travel Log link).  While I can't promise anything, I'll probably do some updates on those trip reports in the near future.  I guess it's a New Year's resolution.  And since I'm only using about 1/3rd of my allotted web space.... 

Now there will be a bit of a break around mid month (no pun intended).  I go in for some pretty significant jaw surgery on the 16th.  Yes Dorothy, my bite is worse than my bark.  Since I'll be stuck at home for at least a couple of weeks, I'll probably spend more time on updates...  Once the drugs wear off that is.

January 30, 2006...

Long time no update.  So I thought I'd post a bit of info...  And upload about 3 meg of pictures.

We went to South Africa earlier last year for my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary.  There's a page in work for it (I took so many pictures, it's been in work for a long time). 

I've also started a travel log on some of our trips.  A "Dog House Travel Review" kind of thing.  It will have links to the sites of our major trips, and snippets on the long weekends.  Since we've not been traveling as much, I can't tell you when this one might appear.

I've been working my backside off on the shop's website.  After a few glitches getting started (no thanks to our hosting company), things are starting to look up.  I've uploaded data on something like 5000 different parts and products.   I had also spent quite a bit of time adding static content and fixing formatting issues with the site.  But then the host got snotty about "your changes are screwing things up" - yeah...  right...  So until they get all their "features" repaired, I'm having to lay off of the upgrades so that they won't have a scapegoat for their mistakes.  It will probably be several months before I let them off the hook. 

The Friends of Fireant are alive and well.  We're a small crew, but we've already been in the Dallas Morning News.  Click Here

I've started bringing back to life all the pictures I took while I was active in that other windsurfing club.  Hundreds of pictures and a bunch of commentary.  I've only brought a few pages so far cause it really is a bunch of work.  But there will be more.  Click Here

Then there's the SPAM and gas prices.  But that's a whole other site.

And did I mention that I'm getting my jaw cracked in February.  Yeah, my bite is worse than my bark.  I've had braces for 14 months, but the real work will be done in the surgical suite.  That might even make the website. 

As usual, don't hold your breath for changes.  But when it happens, it should be quite a flood.  Kind of like this one. 


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