These links are "weird" because they fall into categories that are not covered (yet) elsewhere in The Dog House.
So until there are dedicated pages for the categories below, I've swept them up over here. 

Welcome to the
Dog House Dust Pan.

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Links to some friends' websites:

Kendall Stallings - a professional artist and windsurfing cohort
Reid Horn - a professional photographer
Studio eBusiness - Rustin's web design business in Dallas, TX.  He's a good guy.
Coolcats Creative - Jerry's web design business in Nashville, TN.  Another good guy.

Sailing Websites:

Sailing Anarchy - you need an explanation?
Live, Sail, Die - ditto?
Wally - No mere mortal could ever afford one...  But they're cool vessels. 

Cool Entertainment Stuff:

Dilbert - My favorite comic strip.
Google - A very entertaining search engine.  And host to the USENET archives.

Some of the music we like:

Stevie Ray Vaughan
The Crystal Method
Alice In Chains
Rusted Root
ZZ Top
The Killdares

Blues Traveler
Jimmy Buffet

Musical Gear sites:

Audio Technica
Crest Audio
Musician's Friend 
Guitar Center 
Brook Mays 

Alternative Energy sites:

While I've always had an interest in solar power, I've now become a huge proponent of alternative energy - especially grid-tied PV systems.  I currently have a PV system installed on my RV, and hope to someday add one to my home (assuming the dictatorial homeowners association doesn't throw a hissy fit).  In the near future, I plan to have a section of my website that addresses the benefits of distributed power generation. 

Until then, below are some links that you might find useful.
Government,  Associations and Literature
American Wind Energy Association
- Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy
Home Power Magazine
National Renewable Energy Lab
Net Metering FAQ
Renewable Resource Data Center
Solar Energy Network

Sustainable Dallas
Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association
Texas Solar Energy Society
US Dept of Energy Renewable Energy
WTAMU Alternative Energy Institute
Bergey Windpower - Wind turbines
BP Solar - PV
Exeltech - Inverters
Kyocera - PV
Morningstar - Controllers
Sharp Solar - PV

Shell Solar - PV
Southwest Windpower - Wind Turbines
Unisolar - PV
Xantrex - Inverters
ABS Alaskan
Earth Solar
RV Solar Electric

Southwest PV
Sun Electronics
Useful Personal Websites

Computer Software & Hardware Links:

Spybot Search & Destroy - Keep the sleazy people out of your computer.  Alternate
Surf-In-Peace - Hate pop-ups?  Check out this software.
Winamp - A very nice audio/MP3 player
Gravity 2.50 - A great newsreader
CDex - Make MP3's from your CD's - A pretty good online shop for computer hardware

Other Weird Stuff:

Lakeside Defensive Driving - Mike Sullivan is one funny guy...
Big Dog Sports, including the Cool Dog Site of the Day!
Harbor Freight Tools (beware - pop-ups) and Northern Tools
Yeah, I admit it...  I'm a sucker for programs like Hometime and This Old House.
I usually ignore boneheads, but these Boneheads were pretty frigging persistent.
Garland - The suburb of Dallas where we live. 
Wothahellizat - an interesting "motorhome".  I especially like the construction diary.

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