My name is Brian Cunningham and

I Need A Job

Or maybe just some good ideas....

Here's the story. 

I am a degreed electrical engineer who was working full time at the local windsurfing shop.  Except for the paycheck, it was a good job.  But it did not make good use of my skills.  I worked there 6 years.  When I started, I had hoped it would be good experience towards returning to a technical field in a sales, product support or field applications function.

Basically, I was a refugee from the Telecom and Defense industries.  I had spent almost 17 years doing hardware product design, system intergration and test development.  I worked on everything from video processing to SONET line interface design.  My background is digital hardware design, but at data rates that meant RF considerations had to be addressed. 

In early 2003, the owner of the windsurfing shop where I've always done business called up looking for some help.  So for the last six years, I've worked in the recreational marine industry.  I've really enjoyed helping people learn about kayaks, Hobie cats and windsurfers.  I've also learned quite a bit about running a small business.  The whole purchase order, margins, inventory and billing thing has actually been fun.  I added to that list (and my skill set) by doing the majority of development and maintenance on the shop's website.  When the complexity of the project overwhelmed our host, I was able to get things back in order relatively quickly.  The site went online in September, 2005.  Even without any advertising, the website quickly drew in new customers and increased store sales.  The feeback most frequently received noted the ease of navigation and purchashing.

I no longer publish my resume on my website - the multilevel marketing types just wouldn't leave me alone.  But if you have a serious job and are looking for a serious person, I'll be glad to send you one. 


Brian C

bd.cunningham at yahoo dot com

(Sorry about the address, SPAMMERS make me do it.)


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