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I started making my own beer in September of 1994. I got into brewing for several reasons. My father had been a wine maker when I was a wee lad - so there was lots of free equipment laying around his house.  Plus, several of the people I windsurf with are homebrewers.  And I like beer.

While some people get into homebrewing thinking that they will save money, I knew from the beginning that I was going to do it for the fun of it.  And since I probably give away half the beer I make at parties, windsurfing races and the lake, the cost of the homebrew I actually drink is way up there.

Now while lots of people are making beer with very little capital investment, I am not one of those people.  I have a 19 cubic foot fridge that I use to serve and age my beer.    I have a chest freezer with a modified temperature controller that I use for fermenting or aging.  I have 17 corny kegs, $400 of bar quality beer faucets and 50lbs of CO2 capacity.  As for the brew stand, I have a two level, half barrel system.  I usually brew 15 gallons at a time.

You know you're a serious brewer when you buy grain in 50lbs bags, hops in 1 lb bags, have your own grain mill and prefer your own beer to factory beer.  I ferment in 7 gallon carboys.  Secondary fermentation is done in 5 gallon carboys.  I can start 15 gallons of beer every 14 days.  And I have 56 gallons worth of carboys.  Budweiser I ain't...  But then my beer is a lot better.

I started making wine from concentrate in May of 2002.  I bottled my first batch in late December '02 and my second batch in February 03.  And they were actually pretty decent. I continue to make a batch of wine about every 15 months, usually starting a new batch about the time I bottle the previous batch.

I did a Cizer one (apple mead). It wasn't a total failure, but the alcohol content was about double what it should have been. I can stand it if I drink it cold.

If you're relatively new to brewing, I've got a list of tips that might come in handy - Dog House Homebrew Tips

If you want to see what kind of equipment and money goes into building a corny keg fridge - Dog House Keg Fridge

Then off course there are lots of other home brewing resources on the net. Here are just a few of The Dog's favorites in no particular order.
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== Equipment ==
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