Do You Know About Guns?

The Dog Does.

    One of my major hobbies, to the chagrin of my wife, is the collecting and shooting of guns.  In fact, my wife thinks it's more of a mission than a hobby.  She might be right.  But I can still get her to go shooting occasionally.  She's even touched off a round out of my State Arms Rebel.

    I've been shooting since I was a wee lad, and started collecting guns soon after I moved to Texas.  And while I used to enjoy hunting, I don't really do it anymore.  But I do enjoy quite a bit of target shooting at various ranges around the North Texas area. I'm pretty much of the opinion that if the media and liberals don't like it, then I need one.  For years, I bought nothing but the evil "assault" weapons.  And despite the name, not one of my rifles has ever assaulted anyone.  Hmmm...  I guess they got the name wrong.

Now, I collect everything from pistols in .22LR up to single shot rifles in .50BMG.  I own semi autos, bolt actions, lever actions, pump actions, single actions and even black powder actions.

The media and guns

Don't even get me started.  When it comes to firearms, I have never seen so many so called media experts be more consistently wrong about any one subject...  With the possible exception of the weather.

If someone in the media says something about guns, it's safe to say that the odds are heavily against them being correct.  Every time I see an "investigative" piece on guns, I think of lawn fertilizer.  I sometimes wonder if these people lie for a living or are really just that stupid.  Examples...  Full auto and semi auto are so commonly interchanged that I'm fairly certain most media types have never fired either.  Their firearms identification staff should be fired since it's not uncommon to see guns totally miss-identified (like an MP5 getting called an M-4 - they're made in different countries).

Gun Control

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words...

Need I say more?

Safe Storage
   I am of the opinion that a person who claims to be a responsible gun owner and at the same time fails to properly store his/her weapon(s) is a fool.  And I feel that it is absolutely incumbent upon parents (and more frequently the law) to keep firearms safely locked away from all minors (and most adults too).  To do otherwise is, in my opinion, criminally stupid.

    Personally, I fall into the ultra paranoid category when it comes "safe" storage...  That's right...  I own and use gun vaults.  And I'm not talking about one of those thrift store specials.  Now, I don't believe that a gun vault is required for every gun owner, but I feel every gun owner should consider the benefits of one before deciding.  I felt that the investment I have made justified the expense of the vaults.  Plus, the thought of one of my rifles falling into the hand of some criminal is just too painful an image to permit.  I purchased my vaults from Liberty Safes of Texas in the Dallas area.  I was very happy with my purchase and the dealer.  Here are links to various vault manufacturers and dealers.

As with most websites, I have links to other websites.  To see where I go on the net for gun stuff, click here .

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